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    设计师: 陈晓瑛







    Kaisa xuzhou fuchun mountain residence sales office project description:

    This project is located in xuzhou, a cultural and historic center known as "Oriental Athens", "surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing the city on one side". With its natural landscape, it is also known as the central garden. However, the beauty of the east comes from the "ancient" and "natural" environment, which is the source of our inspiration this time. Mountains and lakes meet each other to create an ecological and livable new city and define a beautiful new life. The designer image calls it "shuiyun residence".


    In order to highlight the theme of "landscape blending, creating shadow, getting close to nature and enjoying time", the designer chose modern techniques and materials to answer the artistic conception of inheritance and space, focusing on "taking meaning". In a modern way, the main body and white space, light and shadow coexist to create a comfortable space to stimulate the thinking and imagination of the audience.


    On material choice rejected common low reflect light, coarse cloth the material of simple sense, and use relatively exquisite, meticulous wood and metal, marble to wait a moment. The overall temperament of the space is more noble and delicate. The tonal of whole space, also give priority to with the rice white of comparative simple but elegant, shallow coffee, nobility and do not break sear.


    In order to meet Chinese people's aesthetic standards, the overall design style of the project is new Chinese style. Front hall landing sculpture taihu stone and zen combination, the hall "see mountains like mountains, water grain smoke" sky star headlights, continuous flow of leaves, such as the spring and autumn, from the complex to the simple. Advocate dimensional position is water bar area, the marble of stripe restoring ancient ways too mesa, deserve to go up a bunch of warm light, give a person a kind of quiet and relaxed atmosphere, contemporary do not break nature however.





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