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    设计师: Martin


    At the end of 2018, find a scenic mountain habitat, facing the sea with mountains behind, very unique, which is very refreshing and enjoying.

    委托Martin设计师主理改造设计任务,他以朋友情义这个念想,寻找切入点,感怀于当下快速的生活节奏,朋友间总是聚少离多。心中浮现了”月有阴晴圆缺,人有悲欢离合”这个带着惆怅的诗句。自然而然就有了把月相当作设计概念,融入院子和空间。遥想朋友相聚时分,实现足不出户便能赏月的愿望,表达出朋友之间分享欢乐和美好的情景———-海上升明月,天涯共此时 (《望月怀古》 唐代 张九龄 )。

    The designer Martin is commissioned to take charge of the renovation design task. With the thought of friendship for entry point, he recalls with emotion that friends always gather from the number of less due to the rapid pace of life at the moment, with the emergence of melancholy poem “People have sorrow and happiness when they meet and depart, as the moon waxes and wanes.” in the mind. Naturally the moon is taken as the design concept, integrated into the yard and space. Recall the moment when friends gather together, achieve the desire to enjoy the moon without leaving the yard, and express the joy and beautiful scenes between friends - The bright moon is rising above the sea, everyone faraway enjoy the wonderful moment (Chinese famous poet from Tang Dynasty)

    山水曲则有情,曲线的构造和意向也自然融入了入口门厅和迂回而上的楼梯造型内。白色的云墙和周边的山体和谐共处,氤氲而生,美哉!———-白云生处有人家(杜牧 唐代《山行》)。

    The landscape with curve is emotional. The curved structure and intention is also naturally integrated into the entrance hall and roundabout way up stairs. White cloud walls and surrounding mountains live in harmony, with dense mist and cloud, beautiful! – a family in the hill where was the clouds came from ((Chinese famous poet from Tang Dynasty)). 

    空间划分很简单: 门厅- 院子- 客厅- 茶室- 餐厅- 卧室- 景观台。 相互关联,又层层递进。空间虽然不大,但是在流线的起承转合下,让人在其中感受到的,却是丰富的景致变化。

    The space division is very simple: foyer – yard – living room – tea room – dining room – bedroom – landscape view platform, interconnected and progressive. Although the space is not big, what the people could feel is rich landscape changes under the circulation development.


    During the daytime you can have party in the living room, appreciate the view in tea room, and look at the distant fairy mountains and sea of clouds at 2F landscape view platform.


    At night, with the lights on in the yard, the moon light gives the yard the best mood. Both indoors and outdoors, you can feel the changes in the moon inadvertently in the step shift.


    The selection of materials is also based on the principle of natural simplicity. Bring the space back to an atmosphere that is close to nature, different from the city’s exquisite sense of formality.

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