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    This case is an art palace built for the great visual photography in Shenzhen. “Reducing the operating cost with efficient planning”, upgrading the brand style with ingenious design, deepening the heart, and visually impacting the soul.

    So this time, we participated and gave specific suggestions.

    Party A hopes to make every inch of space use to the extreme in this space, use such a expensive house, and at the same time enhance the customer experience of entering the store.

    So we kept the original public space of the elevator, which made it a buffer space for entering the store. We just used the uniform design method to properly decorate the artistic plaster portraits and paintings.

    The high-pitched space continues to be enhanced with mirror-reflective materials, and the elegant art installation lights circulate, and there is movement in the stillness. There is a static movement in the movement, which is like a ripple, which forms a meaningful realm.

    The simple logo condenses the true meaning of the brand, and instantly sees the eternal poetry condensing the vision to create a time-space domain full of life.

    Originally black and white monotonous aisles, we chose the elegant gray system, followed by the exhibition. The dark lights are focused on each creation, mysterious and unconventional. What is promoted is the vast atmosphere of the whole space.

    The chic ceiling and the hollowed out display stand not only have a rare ancient temperament, but also have a private role. The floor-to-ceiling windows are matched with the screen windows and have a dream. Here, you can taste the prosperity of the city and feel the baptism of art.

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