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    树林漫步,心蒙 . 蒙特梭利幼儿园
    11216 2019-12-13T15:56:36 10 [佳作]
    设计机构: 上海立木建筑规划设计有限公司
    树林漫步,心蒙 . 蒙特梭利幼儿园说明:


    The original structure resembled a liner. It had limited space and heavily relied on artificial lights, which was against the common expectations of kindergartens. Sunlight, soil and grass are all essential spatial elements to children's growth. It seems to be impossible to be used as a kindergarten. The design creates an atrium based on the original structure and bring an experience of wandering in the woods. Columns and beams immediately become trees and bridges. Continuous stairs and slides spiral up around the "trees", connecting and activating spaces. "Tree houses" provide private spaces for children to read and do handwork. The third floor provides a combination of indoor and outdoor activity areas connected by a plastic track. The track is an extension of the atrium and separates out various thematic activity areas.

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