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项目所在为黄海之北,距离海湾仅百米,场地平整且宏大。基地北侧的龙山,与南侧的黄海遥相呼应,给人天地壮阔的豪迈之感。 场地东侧一路之隔为千亩水域的内湖,所有的场地特征都预示着这里适合一个恢弘而大气的建筑群落。 海阳毗邻青岛,受青岛建筑风格影响,整个片区都以德式建筑作为主体风格统一,试图营造“红瓦绿树、碧海蓝天”的社区景象。 设计以“宫廷花园——柱廊——前庭院——穹顶中庭——后场无边水池——纵深河道”的六重序列布置,来回应场地及规划导则的诉求。 建筑细节源自青岛总督府和若干德国古典建筑,厚重的石材、精致的线脚传承古典主义建筑文化,玻璃穹顶则回应当下的建筑科技和未来。 建筑作为售楼处兼鲁能生活馆使用,包含泳池、健身房、社区食堂等一系列功能,为社区居民提供服务。

The project is located in the north of the Huang Hai,Only 100 meters from the Bay,and the site is flat and grand。 The Longshan mountain in the north of the base, face to the Huang Hai,it makes people feel the grandeur of heaven and earth 。 The east side of the site is separated by an big lake。All the site features indicate that it is suitable for a grand and atmospheric architectural community。 Haiyang is adjacent to Qingdao and is influenced by the architectural style of Qingdao。So the whole area presents a German architectural style。 We try to create a community scene of "red tiles, green trees, blue sea and blue sky"。 The design is arranged in a six level sequence of "palace garden - colonnade - front courtyard - dome atrium - boundless pool - Deep River", In response to the demands of the site and planning guidelines。 The architectural details are derived from Qingdao governor's office and some German classical buildings。 The design inherits the classical architectural culture with heavy stones and exquisite moldings。 The glass dome responds to the current architectural technology and sense of future。 The building is used as a sales office and Luneng life space。 It includes a series of functions such as swimming pool, gym and community canteen to provide services for community resident。

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