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设计师: 申 俊偉

钻食食集Diamond Food —— 寻味“十九克拉”The search for taste of 19 Carat

Project name项目名称: Diamond Food 钻食食集

Project location项目地址: Changchun,长春

Chief Designer主设计师: Junweishen 申俊伟

Design company设计公司: Arizon乾正设计

Completion Year完工时间: 2020.12.30

Floor Area项目面积: 17360㎡

Client客户:亚泰集团Yatai Group

Photography室内摄影: Dirk weiblen

Video 视频:张铎/钛洺文化Timing Picture

1.0关于项目About the project


The search for taste


Life is passing like a dream which is worth a thousand searches......


One of the great pleasures in life is the search for novelty. It can be a landscape that has been reached over thousands of miles, or perhaps a beautiful object discovered with much effort. But the greatest of all remains the temptation of gourmet food, for that one bite of sensation hitting the palate, no one can resist but beam with excitement. There goes the saying: “Live for love and love for food". It shows that one may stumble upon gourmet food, just like love, by chance rather than by choice.


“19 Carat”

“钻食”食集,一个隐藏在长春「亚泰新动力」购物中心B1层的美食天地,整个楼层以「寻味十九克拉」为设计灵感,“十和九”是中文“食和酒”二字的谐音,代表美食, “克拉”是钻石的计重单位,既代表美食的最高等级,也是空间识别符号;她就像一个隐匿在钻石洞穴里的美食宝藏,大面积的橙色的“钻石”网天花, 熠熠生辉,汇集了上百种美食,食物滋滋作响,人间烟火气扑面而来,饮食男女即刻上演。

The Diamond Food court on B1 level is inspired by the concept of “The search for taste of 19 Carat”,as the Chinese pronunciation for “19”is the same as "食酒", meaning “dine and wine”. “Carat" is the unit of measurement for the weight of diamond, representing both the highest grade of food and the spatial identity. Like a hidden treasure of food in a diamond cave, the space features a large orange-coloured "diamond" ceiling and a glittering collection of hundreds of cuisines. Sizzling food in this welcoming ambience draws in joyful men and women for a feast.

2.0设计挑战Design challenge


The challenge for the designer was to attract a large number of customer traffic to the basement floor!

3.0独特之处Unique features


The designer's inspiration came from the concept of “The search for taste of 19 Carat”, which conveys the idea to ‘live for love and love for food”. The ceiling is covered with a mesh of orange 'diamonds' that stimulate the taste buds, making one feel like being in a culinary 'treasure trove’ that awaits exploring, discovery and sharing. It is a place for loved ones to meet, friends to gather and families to celebrate.


There are three ways to enter the Diamond Food court: sightseeing lift, atrium staircase and direct access from the metro station


The sightseeing lift will get you there as quickly as possible;

沿着一楼中庭金色城堡的楼梯向下步入负一层的钻食食集,像是走入树荫下的一个小广场,她是完全开放的,围合在一起的休息位,是在传达“We eat”的分享理念,也是与爱人、家人和朋友分享美食和社交活动的场所。

Take the staircase at the atrium golden castle on the ground floor down to the basement level to reach the Diamond Food court. It is like walking into a small square under the shade of a tree, completely open and welcoming. Sitting areas communicate the concept of "We eat", a place to share food and socialise with loved ones, family and friends.


The escalator ride from metro station into the Diamond Food court is like a journey of discovering a 'culinary treasure', guided by a network of orange-coloured diamonds.


The entire Diamond Food court is covered by a recyclable orange-coloured 'diamond' ceiling. A wide variety of shops come together to stir up a good appetite in this lively atmosphere. It also conveys the 'eco-chic’ concept that advocates environmental protection and conservation.

4.0社会意义 Social significance


Raise awareness of environmental protection and resource conservation. Guide people to explore,discover and share with their loved ones!



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